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2021 Openings Available 

There are not many, but we do have a few options for  next year.  Give us a call or email if you'd like to see some dates.  We're looking forward to the return of some old friends and the chance to meet a few new.

There are few who will even challenge the fact that south central South Dakota offers the best traditional wild pheasant hunting in South Dakota available today.  The Gregory, SD area is well known in upland circles as "ground zero" for wild pheasant hunting. Much of this land is marginal for farming and crops are not planted from fence line to fence line. The critical balance of roosting, nesting and feeding habit exists here like nowhere else and wild pheasants abound.

The Stukel family owns and operates over 3,000 acres in the middle of this South Dakota wild pheasant hunting mecca. Our farming practices are specifically tailored for wildlife. Hundreds of acres have been removed from production and converted to tree groves, ponds, food plots and roosting/nesting areas.

Family owned and operated, we've been in the hunting and outfitting business since 1981 and have assembled one of the premier hunting packages available..  The package we offer is first class in every respect. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a 100% money back policy.  From scenery to service, we cover it all and we want your experience to be about so much more than just the hunt.

Our Services Include

First Class lodging  // Excellent meals  // Experienced guides // Dogs and kennel facilities  // Bird processing  // A family atmosphere //Much more...

Wingshooting action in South Dakota
chocolate lab with a pheasant
Hunting in the woods
wingshooting pheasants
Ben Stukel
Pheasant retrieve in snow
A chocolate lab retrieves a pheasant
Ace retrieves a pheasant
Pheasant hunters in SD
Pheasant hunting crew
Pheasant hunting action
Ben Stukel excited about snow
pheasant hunting,stukels,south dakota (1
South Dakota pheasant hunting
Ben Stukel and Nitro
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Pheasant hunting in the snow
Pheasant habitat in South Dakota
Pheasant hunting in the corn
Pheasant habitat in South Dakota
Pheasant hunting party at Stukel's
Pheasant habitat in South Dakota
The lodge at Stukel's
Pheasant hunting party at Stukel's
Pheasant habitat in South Dakota
Pheasant hunting action
A pheasant hunter at Stukel's
Pheasant hunting in the snow
Pheasant habitat in South Dakota
Dawson Stukel - pheasant guide
Pheasant hunting action
A pheasant hunter ng,2017,stukel (5)
A pheasant hunter at Stukel's
Pheasant hunting action

It will be hard to beat the success of our pheasant hunts the last few years, but once again we are taking steps to improve our facilities, service and habitat for the coming season. It has been nearly 40 years of continuously making improvements and reinvesting in our business and there is no reason to change now! If you ask our clients why they keep returning, they will likely speak about the beautiful lodge and its many amenities, the diversity and amount of habitat, or the hundreds of wild pheasants they can count on seeing each year. However, it won't take long before they begin to speak of the style of service they experience., the friendships created and the less tangible aspect of becoming part of a family working together and enjoying a great hunting experience.

If your goal is to experience some of the best wild pheasant hunting available today, I encourage you to give us a call soon! We are not the largest outfitter in this south central South Dakota pheasant hunting mecca but we have been around longer than all the others. Our emphasis is on fewer total hunters, more amenities, plenty of old-fashioned service and superior shooting in a genuine sportsman's atmosphere. We try to cover every detail and go the extra mile to be sure your experience is much more than a quick "shoot."

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