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"It's so much fun watching those dogs work"

This is something we hear over and over from guests.  Our dogs are the best in the business and working with them is one of the best parts of the fall.  From labs to shorthairs to drathaars, we typically have six to eight ready to go.  Our dogs are used to working with both large and small parties and will put on a show. 

pheasant hunting dogs (1).jpg
pheasant hunting dogs (2).jpg

At times a new pup will tag along, providing a little youthful energy.  Other times we'll hunt with a gray-faced veteran that embodies the "hunt smarter not harder" approach. Whatever the case, you'll enjoy having the best upland dogs working to make your hunt memorable. 

Looking for the Next One,2023
Ghost in Action,2023
October Retrieve,2023
Bird and a Burr,2023
Thea watches the action
Small Munsterlander,Thea,2023
Thea the small munsterlander
Pointer gets some scent
small munsterlander with pheasant
pheasant retrieve (1)
Yellow lab with pheasant
Sky and Friends
Small Munsterlander
Ozzy the GWP
chocolate lab with a pheasant
Small Munsterlander
Hunting dogs in action
Small munsterlander at Stukel's
pheasant hunting,stukels,south dakota (1
Pheasant retrieve in snow
Ace retrieves a pheasant
Chocolate lab with pheasant
Ben Stukel and Nitro
sam stukel,pheasant hunting-29
sam stukel,pheasant hunting-22
chocolate lab with a pheasant
hunting in snowshoes
sam stukel,pheasant hunting-24
sam stukel,pheasant hunting-7
sam stukel,pheasant hunting-8
sam stukel,pheasant hunting-5
Black lab retrieve.
pheasant hunting,stukels,south dakota (9
Pheasant retrieve in the snow.
Black lab retrieve.
Black lab retrieve.
Young pup
pheasant hunting,stukels,south dakota (1
German Shorthair
South Dakota pheasant hunt
dogs,harley,corby 2017_14
Black lab retrieve.
Pheasant hunting in the snow.
Hunter and dogs.
Black lab retrieve.
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