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Since 1981

A lot of outfitters have come and gone since we started 40 years ago.  You don't make it this long without doing a few things right.  


Frank, Cal and Ray Stukel (all brothers) started the business on family land back in 1981.   Ray was a farmer/rancher who took care of the food plots and could fix anything. Cal was a restaurant owner who provided the best food in the business. Frank was (and still is) the businessman who goes in a million different directions to make it all come together.  

The Sale Barn and Henrecy Herefords

The primary property we hunt was originally owned by Frank's in-laws, Arnold and Grace Henrecy, purveyors of Henrecy's Herefords.  Their very successful livestock operation included a sale barn that packed with people during annual bull sales. 

86 safety talk.jpg

That same barn is a cornerstone of our operation today.  It sure has come a long way in terms of amenities over 40 years! 

Hunting in the early days.jpg

A photo from 1982.  That's Sam and Ben on the bottom left.  Carrying BB guns on the hunt was a blast!

1985,frank kurt ben.jpg
1983, cleaning birds

In the early days the guides cleaned birds and sometimes helped with the shooting!

Frank and Cal laying the ground work on the road in the mid-1990's

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