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The Sale Barn

This incredibly unique building has been a key part of our operation since day one.  It was originally built as a livestock sale barn by Carol Stukel's father and served as a popular gathering place for those in the hereford cattle business for decades. 

Stukel's Sale Barn.jpg

Today “The Sale Barn” is the starting point of our hunts, a sheltered place for lunch on cold days and the location of an evening cookout one night for each hunting party.  The walls are covered with antlers, antiques and curiosities only adding to the character of such a unique building.  

Safety talk in the barn.jpg
Barn Evening,2023
Barn Fireplace,2023
Stukel's sale barn
barn at Stukel's-6
barn at Stukel's-5
barn at Stukel's-2
barn at Stukel's
barn at Stukel's-3
barn at Stukel's-4
Fall flooding
2020 safety speech
Stukel's Upland Adventure caps
Hunter orientation
Barn cookout at Stukel's
Safety orientation
Evening meal
Fireside hors d'oeuvres
A cozy fire
Safety orientation
Evening meal
Safety orientation
Evening meal
hors d'oeuvres
Getting ready for the day
Safety orientation
Inside the barn
Inside the barn
Inside the barn
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